Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prince Eduard Island

Nice island to be cycling on !

After 3 days doing so I ended up next to the East Point lighthouse on the most easternly point of the island. Superb scenery over the Atlantic ocean. The local people let me tent on the property and do radio and setup some antenna. I placed a 10 meter long antenna and hung up quarterwave antennas for 40, 20 and 17 in it. I already worked a doen European stations during evening and the night on 40! and 20 with 2 watt... Grab you're chance, I'll be listening until thursday 1300utc.


  1. Great pictures of P.E.I and I have very much enjoyed reading about your adventure in your blog.

  2. de wa2vuy: nice to work you on 40m with your 2w. Amazing trip you are doing!

  3. Nice; 22 NA 73! EU 12 ON's 107 qso's in total on 40,20,17 and even 15 most of them 2 watt from East Point LH , Prince Eduard Island. Enjoyed it taking the day of yesterday. Wind is coming from the south so headwind up to Wood Island.. Storm Irene is coming up in this direction..