Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SFO city limits

San Francisco city is quite hard to cycle in. Drivers just don't seem to notice cyclists one way or another. More difficult than expected is to fully stop at the stop-sign for no traffic. After some finetuning edge is doing great with a local T-Mobile simcard in the EU-smartphone. My US number is (415) 646-6921. Touring next to the harbour was more relaxing, except for the wind.. Tomorrow I'll go for a tour around the north part of the SFO-bay.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arrival in San Fransisco

After landing and being controled by homeland security and customs it seems that they only wanted to hear what I was up to with the bicycle. Not really interested in my paperwork at all...
Sunny day with a headwind and going for the hotel in the main city now.

Departure to SFO

Check-in procedures with all the oversized lugage was quite easy. Sunny and quite weather ahead on the flight. All medication went down the hatch.. Hopefully the 'National park Fullufjellet' will be loaded with the right lugage. Long 11 hours flight ahead take-off KL0605 @0950. Fingers crossed for an easy handling at SFO later today.

follow flight here.
en Ronny.. BERGI UL602 SUPUR UP1 ROLUM UP13 ASKAM UL7 LIRKI 6700N 01000W 7100N 02000W 7300N 03000W 7400N 04000W 7400N 06000W DAPAK TUDAP KEVNO 6830N 10000W GABRO GOREK YNY LMT J65 RBL