Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'll be QRV for the coming hours out of Nova Scotia on saturday and sunday on 80, 40, 20, 15 so I'll call on these frequencies :
SUN 08/28
1100 UTC 18145
1300 UTC 21290
1800 UTC 14278
1922 UTC 14292

Friday, August 26, 2011

Last hurdle : Irene ?

After a tsunaniwarning, hurricanewatch, hail, lightning, snow&ice, extreme heat and an earthquake.. the list gets complete this summer !

I hope my tent can handle Irene as she's moving right into my direction on the south part of the westcoast from Nova Scotia, Canada. Most probably she will have weakened by the time she's here to a moderate storm, hopefully that is.

At least I certainly will enjoy the fierce headwind that Irene is producing. The ARES emergency nets are up and running too. I may improvise some short 70 meter antenna.

Shall I battle her or just go indoors for a day or two, I don't know..

Update :
I made up my mind and I stay put here in Truro where Tom VE1DC has offered to stay over his place. Cycling against the wind and rain is no good idea after all ;-) Thank you very much !

On sunday a not very good forecast was made concerning windconditions for monday, rain would be ok ..

From his station I made some good contacts into Belgium with :
ON2ALI Robert, ON4PO Martin, OT4A Theo, ON7DS Dirk, OP2A Ivo, ON7GR Guido, ON4ANN Erik, ON8BV Pol, ON4KCY Yves qnd some other 100 QSO over the world.

For more info on the trajectory click this link.

Hurricane IRENE

Thursday, August 25, 2011

QSO on PEI part II

QSO's with Guido, ON7GR and Michel, F6COW.

Also ON5TN Karl, ON4CDX Roman, OT4A Theo, ON7USB Geert, OT2X Johan, ON5MA Nic, ON7GR Geert, ON4CAS Egbert, ON7XT Jean-Marie, ON7ZZ Gill, ON7KJW John and ON5WQ Bernard had made a QSO with my 2 / 5 watt station on PEI ! Nais ;-)

QSO on PEI part I

QSO on 20 with Arie, PD0ARI/MM out in the ocean near Rotterdam on 14208 kc at 0937 utc. He's working with 25 watts while I was putting out 2..
Later on in the clip Rene, PD2RKG/M joins in driving his car on the motorway A12 near Rijswijck Holland.
Very good signal strengths from both stations as you can hear. Enjoy the clip.

East Point LH, PEI

Great qrp contacts all over the place there and great people at the lighthouse.. The former lighthousekeeper (sk) was also a ham. I found aluminium poles underneath the coffeeshop that I used to build the mast on the shoreline. Full size quarterwave verticals for 20, 40, 17 and swr ok for 15.. nice !

22NA 73!EU 12ON's and 107 qso's in total. Most of them 2 watt. See picassalink for more pictures.

I'm now on my way south to Truro in Nova Scotia and a little worries about the bad weather that's on it's way from the south (a hurricane btw). Normally I have some 2 weeks left to arrive in the Boston area which should be ok to cover the distance, also with the fierce headwind.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prince Eduard Island

Nice island to be cycling on !

After 3 days doing so I ended up next to the East Point lighthouse on the most easternly point of the island. Superb scenery over the Atlantic ocean. The local people let me tent on the property and do radio and setup some antenna. I placed a 10 meter long antenna and hung up quarterwave antennas for 40, 20 and 17 in it. I already worked a doen European stations during evening and the night on 40! and 20 with 2 watt... Grab you're chance, I'll be listening until thursday 1300utc.