Friday, August 26, 2011

Last hurdle : Irene ?

After a tsunaniwarning, hurricanewatch, hail, lightning, snow&ice, extreme heat and an earthquake.. the list gets complete this summer !

I hope my tent can handle Irene as she's moving right into my direction on the south part of the westcoast from Nova Scotia, Canada. Most probably she will have weakened by the time she's here to a moderate storm, hopefully that is.

At least I certainly will enjoy the fierce headwind that Irene is producing. The ARES emergency nets are up and running too. I may improvise some short 70 meter antenna.

Shall I battle her or just go indoors for a day or two, I don't know..

Update :
I made up my mind and I stay put here in Truro where Tom VE1DC has offered to stay over his place. Cycling against the wind and rain is no good idea after all ;-) Thank you very much !

On sunday a not very good forecast was made concerning windconditions for monday, rain would be ok ..

From his station I made some good contacts into Belgium with :
ON2ALI Robert, ON4PO Martin, OT4A Theo, ON7DS Dirk, OP2A Ivo, ON7GR Guido, ON4ANN Erik, ON8BV Pol, ON4KCY Yves qnd some other 100 QSO over the world.

For more info on the trajectory click this link.

Hurricane IRENE


  1. I wouldn't take the risk. But you're more into adventure...good luck. 73, Bas

  2. I was in Taiwan in 2000 when Typhoon Xangsane hit and I saw the I'd stay indoors! Certainly not bike riding weather.
    Take care - mark.

  3. Good choice my biker man. Lots of severe flooding in Vermont that is really historic