Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fieldday ON4OSA

Yes ! I was able to contact my clubstation ON4OSA/p today on 20 and 40 meter during the local late afternoon 16:30 (20:30z) on 20 meters and 21:30 (01:30z) on 40 meters. They were really loud on 40 meters here at Phills station N1ED here in Maine in the little town in Milbridge. I saw the APRS spot from his friend N1DP but he was not at home and his daughter redirected me over here, very nice fron Phill to give me the opportunity to be active during the fieldday ! thx.
So, 5 more QSO's in total for the guys back home to add to the list and hopefully they get many more multipliers. As expected, Eddy ON6EF was doing the radio during the night and I got Mick ON4RAW during the daytime on 20 meters with the help from ON7DS Dirk who was very loud over here.
I worked the FT857d over here with the SteppIR vertical with 100 watts and it did the trick very good. Fingers crossed for the remainder of the trip towards Boston, weatherwise it will be rainy most probably the next days.
I'll add a video of the QSO with the station whenever I got the possibility to add it.


  1. Great having you as a guest here in Milbridge yesterday Rafael. Glad you were able to contact Belgium during Field Day. Will have to set up a sched when you get back home.

    73 de Phil N1EP in Milbridge, Maine, USA

  2. @Phil N1EP,
    It was one of his goals during the trip to connect our club station during the fieldday.
    You have made ​​this reality by opening your shack for Raf.
    100% Ham spirit.
    73' Dirk ON7DS

  3. It was my pleasure. Brenda (N1ZPV) and I enjoyed Raf's company and wish him well and safe riding to Boston.

    73 de Phil N1EP