Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sisseton - Minnesota

I'll have another day off here in Sisseton at the border of the states of South and North Dakota and Minnesota. As the temperatures are roaring over a scoarching 35 degrees celcius in the shade and extreme heatwarnings are in effect for 15 states for this extended heatwave, it's not that much better as in Belgium..

Watching the weatherchannel, nothing much is going to chance for the next days here in the Midwest. The heat is also supposed to be moving to the east ... Even at night it doesn't really cools down to nicer temperatures, left aside the high humidity.

There's a tornadowarning just north from me in North-Dakota.

Cycling into this region from Aberdeen I went trough a - now - swamparea. Frogs, birds, snakes, everywhere in this humid environment.

Most probably I ate or drunk also something wrong with bad consequences and combined with the extreme heat, I really don't feel like cycling as you can imagine.

I need a good night of sleep in this airconditioned room and head out very early in the morning to the east over the 27 to Dulouth, Minnesota. Leaving early is also something  what I don't like :-)

Hope that the eastcoast will be cooler once again.

Maybe I'll do some 6 meters later today to pass the time, if the band is open as it is right now.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're not well, Raf. That kind of heat does NOT sound good.
    I followed your lead, and after my reasonable success with an inverted-V antenna, I put up a ground-plane 34-foot vertical. Haven't tried making any contacts yet, but the SWR looks very good, and it seems to receive well. I'd be interested in hearing details about how you rigged and use your vertical antenna.
    I'm still wanting to do a cartoon for you... one of these days, I'll have the right idea andstart drawing...
    Hope you feel better and can enjoy some better conditions.