Friday, May 13, 2011

CresentCity - Coos Bay

After being two weeks on the road its time for a roundup. Almost 700 miles on the counter, 12 days of sunny weather and met a lot of nice people. It is probably 'possible to reach Vancouver by the end of the month. Bike and fysicalwise everything is a-ok, the muscles on the lega are re-appearing after 6 months . The trip from Brookings to Port Orford brought on the longly anticipated rain and rainclouds. One positive thing about it is that the winds changed during bath weather to the south so wind in the back. From now on, read as of entering Oregon state, the weather will be as a roling dice, but most cloud-covered and rather chilly. It will also be another challenge ti keeper everything dry, cycling in the rain is not difficult but stopping , looking for a good campplace and setting up the tent dry is rather hard.. The landscape has changed to into a rather open and not dramatical as North California, but still great , even with the rain. It looks a bit like the road in between Stavanger and Bergen, Norway. Further on North than Port Orford the landscape is more open and so do the slopes. Bandon is a 'Wenduine' at the pacific, nice and cheap fish&ships resto's dough. Moneywise it is very possible to keeper expences low thanks to the low statepark campingfees of 5$. Food is quite cheap and compareble to Aldus and Lidl-levels. A decent warm meal can be found from about 10 to 15 dollar. A meal in McDo and BuKing from 5$ all-in. And yes , Root-beer, Mtn Dew, Dr. Pepper are all standard drink over here, great ! No need to go to the Graré-store in Wilrijk. The only regret I have untill now is buying a T-Mobile simcard, the edge-data only works in greater cities. Calls can be made over the AT&T network in other places but no data. I was certainly better of with Verizon or plain AT&T.

I heard OP4K , Joseph from Antwerp on tuesdayevening at 2319 local on 14245 ragchewing with the westcoast, tried cycling Humbold but no succes. Andreas DG0OBU heard me on 14278 at 2235 local with 43 , he used 750 W and 4 elements. Actually my impression is that the best time for a good opening to Europe is 0515 to 0615 UTC. If I can TX in the next days I give a shout +-QRM on 14285 every 15 mind inbetween the above-mentioned times. On 40 meters I discovered a new group on 7177 at 21-23 local with Chris N6WM, Danny K7SS, Randy KH6RC, Norman NH6I and Joe N6WN. Nice to listen and talk to.


  1. Da's vroeg hoor 05:00 uur utc.
    Lijkt me niet te doen met een draaddipool en 100 watt.
    Have fun

  2. Noem je dat vroeg . Das laat hier z├╝lle ;-)
    Groeten fons !